Dawn Donovan, WPFN Mentor

Town Comptroller, Town of Eastchester, NY

Why I joined WPFN’s Mentorship Program:

“I wanted to give back and help the women in our profession. When I started out, there was no guidance, and at times, I wish there was.”

Benefits of WPFN’s Mentorship Program:

"To be there for your mentee and to provide knowledge and experience as we've most likely been there and to help your mentee expand their network."

Time Commitment as a Mentor:

“The time commitment is based on the schedules of the mentee and mentor. Meeting monthly seems to work, with the understanding that if something comes up that the mentee needs assistance on, you can be there for her.”

To learn more about WPFN’s Mentorship Program, click here. Applications will open in 2024 for the 2024-2025 program.