Kelsey Earle, WPFN Mentee

Director of Administrative Services, City of Auburn, ME

Why I joined WPFN’s Mentorship Program:

“As a generally shy person in a male-dominated field, I joined the program to step out of my comfort zone, learn from a successful professional willing to take me under their wing, and gain the confidence I need to excel.”

Benefits of WPFN’s Mentorship Program:

“Having an experienced individual that wants to aid you in excelling in your career to bounce ideas off from, and to learn from, are just some of the benefits of the program. Expanding your network and making a real connection with a female professional that understands many of the same obstacles you may face is invaluable.”

Time Commitment as a Mentee:

“The time commitment has been minimal; it’s whatever you and your mentor find works for you! We meet monthly, which works well with our schedules and gives us the opportunity to connect regularly.”

To learn more about WPFN’s Mentorship Program, click here. Applications will open in 2024 for the 2024-2025 program.