Stimulus Talks Continue as Contested Election Lingers

Amid the ongoing unresolved presidential election, members of Congress continue to push for a stimulus bill. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed willingness to support a more targeted approach in reflecting prior initiatives stated in the Senate majority’s $500 billion stimulus package. In a positive development, McConnell indicated a slight shift from his previous position by signaling the potential to include some state and local aid. While key members of both the House and the Senate have demonstrated an urge to push out a fifth stimulus, disagreements about the total cost have significantly stalled negotiations. Continued election procedures and a necessary Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government are likely to thwart any chances of a bipartisan agreement on a stimulus bill before the end of this Congress in January 2021.

GFOA will continue to ensure State and Local government priorities are elevated during this critical time.