WPFN Book Club

Third Book Club Selection: From 8-Track to Emoji: The Secret to Cross-Generational Leadership, by Jerrod Murr

If you want to lead people of all generations more effectively, From 8-Track to Emoji: The Secret to Cross-Generational Leadership is for you. Jerrod Murr depicts the reality of what it means to lead within this generation. Murr’s words pierce the generational gaps by providing fresh perspectives and applicable truths. He may not have lived through all the generations (yet), but he speaks confidently and accurately through them all. This is a must-read for everyone, no matter their age. We face challenges as we collaborate with people of all ages and will continue to face those challenges as long as we are in the workforce. Murr not only helps us see the differences, but he also provides practical steps to forge better communication and deeper relationships.

Each generation has its own tendencies and trends. How do we lead our people from each generation well? How do we understand the patterns of specific generations while connecting with people as individuals? This balance is the secret to cross-generational leadership.

Discover the answer for retention in the 21st century, understand the three major trends of upcoming generations, and identify three common biases in the workplace.

The book club met to discuss the book on January 24, 2024.