Budget Award Application

To apply for GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program, please complete the application below. Applications must be submitted within ninety (90) days of legal adoption of the final operating budget or submission of the proposed operating budget to the governing body, unless an extension has been granted. To complete this form online, applicants will need to have the following information available.

  1. Electronic versions of the budget document,
  2. Detailed location criteria guide
  3. Responses to comment's from your last submission (if applicable - first time applicants will not include a response to comments)

As part of the process to complete the online application, you can provide payment via credit card through GFOA's e-store. 

        **On the application select your entity type, a fee schedule will open.
        **The amounts on the fee schedule are links to our e-store.
        **Click on the appropriate fee to be directed to the e-store. 
        **To receive GFOA's member price an individual of your organization who is a member of GFOA and has a username and password for our website should log-in. If you cannot log-in, non-member rates will apply. DO NOT create a new user account. Please email membership if you require your username and password reset.

If you are mailing a check for the fee you DO NOT need to log into the website. Just select "Check" on the application and submit with the required documents.

For questions on the program or for assistance with your application, please contact GFOA via email or call 312-977-9700.

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Application