Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program Application Information

Information on this page includes:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Fee schedule
  • Online Application and Submitter Instructions
  • Budget Award Criteria and Explanations

GFOA is proud to announce updates to the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award program. For more information about program changes or to view updated forms, click on the link below.

  • Is GFOA offering a grace period to comply with the revised criteria?
    While it is required that governments submit their budgets using the revised criteria for 2021, the GFOA is offering a two year grace period to comply with these revisions. In other words, no government will be denied the award for not receiving proficient ratings on any of the revised criteria in their first two years of submitting under the revised criteria.

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We recognize that COVID-19 is disrupting normal government operations and may affect members’ ability to submit timely applications for GFOA’s award programs. We will approve extensions of the submission deadlines for those that need more time. Please submit the extension request form so we can record your extension in our system.

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The Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is managed by staff in GFOA's Technical Services Center. For more information or to ask any questions about getting involved, please email GFOA or call the office at 312-977-9700.

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