CHAIR: Diane Waldron, Comptroller, City of Bristol, CT

VICE-CHAIR: Melissa Rackers, CFO, Missouri Local Government Employee Retirement System, Jefferson City, MO

Other Committee Members

Erik W. Bush, Director, Sangamon Mass Transit District, Springfield, IL

Lara Andrake, Sr. Healthcare Fund Analyst, County of Albemarle, VA

Joan Jadali, CPFO, CEBS, Finance Director, City of Town and Country, MO

Rob Dolphin, Chief Financial Officer, Utah Retirement Systems

Michael Gossman, MBA, Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance, City of Oceanside, CA

Debra L. Roberts, MBA CPA, Deputy Director/Chief Financial Officer, Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans

Clara Santos, Department Fiscal Administrator, City of San Antonio, TX

Kenneth N. Oliven, CPFO, Finance Director & Treasurer, Village of Niles, IL

Adetutu Talabi, Accounting Manager, Employees' Retirement System, City of Baltimore, MD

Amy Reynolds, Director of Research, Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois

Talia Smith, Strategic Projects Manager, County of Marin, CA

Karen M. Rhodes-Whitley, Budget Director ,City of Plano, TX

Norman M. Eckstein, CFO, Township of Boonton, NJ

Karen Spence, CPA, CGMA, Assistant Comptroller, Arlington County, VA

Jenny Starr, Director of Finance, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Dongmei Li, CPFO, CPA, CGFM, MA, Assistant Controller, Chicago Board of Education

Tina Lausier, Fiscal Officer, Milwaukee County Employees Retirement System, WI

Amy McInerny, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association, CA

Tim Skillman, Assistant Chief Enterprise Compliance Risk Management, California Public Employees' Retirement System, Sacramento, CA

Cody Papke, Chief Accountant, City of Sioux Falls, SD

Kiara Jordan, Principal Budget & Management Analyst, City of Richmond, VA

Yan Yan, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Maryland/Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans, Rockville, MD


Carlos Oblites, Senior Portfolio Strategist, Chandler Asset Management, Novato, CA

Todd Tauzer, National Public Sector Retirement Practice Leader, Segal

Leslie Richmond, VP, Pension Actuary, Build America Mutual

Kate Grangard, CPA, COO, CFO, Gehring Group, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Noreen Jones, Chief Financial Officer, New York State Teachers' Retirement System


Rafiu Ighile, Director of Finance, City of Gaithersburg, MD

Anne P. Harty, CGFO/CPA, Chief Financial Officer, City of Rock Hill, SC

GFOA Staff

Eric Roach, Manager, Certified Public Finance Officer Program, Research and Consulting Center, Chicago, IL

Galen McDonald, Federal Policy Associate, Federal Liaison Center, Washington, DC