CHAIR: Sandy Matheson, Executive Director, Maine Public Employees Retirement System, Augusta, ME

VICE-CHAIR: Darlene Malaney, Special Projects Manager, Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, Naples, FL

Other Committee Members

Cindy Chao, Controller, Rancho Murieta Community Service District, Rancho Murieta, CA

Alexandre Espinosa, CFO, Loundon County, Leesburg, VA

Michael Gossman, Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance, City of Oceanside, CA

Luke Huelskamp, Senior Finance Manager, MERS - Municipal Employees Retirement System of Michigan, Lansing, MI

Joan Jadali, Assistant City Manager/Director of Finance, CEBS, Assistant City Manager, City of Webster Groves, MO

Noreen Jones, CFO, New York State Teachers' Retirement System

Michael Kennington, Chief Financial Officer, City of Mesa, Mesa, AZ

Tina Lausier, Fiscal Officer, Milwaukee County Employees Retirement System, Milwaukee, WI

Amy McInerny, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association (SBCERA), San Bernardino, CA

Lawrence Mundy, Accounting/Reporting Manager, Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA), Denver, CO

Mark F. Nannini, Chief Financial Officer, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, Oak Brook, IL

Kenneth Oliven, Finance Director & Treasurer, Village of Niles, IL

Duane R. Pitcher, CPA, Director of Finance, City of Ames, Ames, IA

Melanie Purcell, Finance Director, City of Ashland, OR

Melissa Rackers, CFO, Missouri Local Government Employee Retirement System, Jefferson City, MO

Karen M. Rhodes-Whitley, Budget Director, City of Plano, Plano, TX

Clara Santos, Department Fiscal Administrator, City of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

Brenda Shott, Assistant CEO, Finance & Internal Operations, Orange County Employees Retirement System, Santa Ana, CA

Tim Skillman, Assistant Chief Enterprise Compliance Risk Management, California Public Employees' Retirement System, Sacramento, CA

Lori J. Thomas, MBA, CGFO, Assistant County Administrator, Richland County, Columbia, SC

Diane Waldron, Comptroller, City of Bristol, Bristol, CT

Mark Edward Whelan, CFO, Teacher's Retirement System, Frankfort, KY

Yan Yan, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Maryland/Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans, Rockville, MD


Paul Angelo, Senior Vice President & Actuary, Segal Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Natalie Cohen, President, National Municipal Research, Inc., New York, NY

Kate Grangard, CPA, COO, CFO, Gehring Group, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Amy McDuffee, Founder/CEO, Mosaic Governance Advisors, LLC

Marcus Wu, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP, San Diego, CA


Rafiu Ighile, Director of Finance, City of Gaithersburg, MD

Amelia C. Merchant, Director, Department of Finance, City of Roanoke, VA

GFOA Staff

Mike Belarmino, Senior Policy Advisor, Federal Liaison Center

Elizabeth Fu, Senior Manager, Research and Consulting