Capital Planning and Asset Management

Preparing and Implementing a Capital Improvement Plan

eLearning Course

April 21, 2021

2-4:45 p.m. ET

April 22, 2021

2-4:45 p.m. ET

April 23, 2021

2-4:45 p.m. ET

  • Field of Study: Finance
  • Credits: 9.00
  • Prerequisite: None

Capital assets are expensive: from planning, to construction, to operations and maintenance. Therefore, maintaining capital infrastructure in the condition necessary to preserve and enhance your community’s vitality and quality of life takes forethought and planning. This course will walk you through examples using best practices in long-range capital planning, budgeting, and asset maintenance planning as a foundation to discuss successful methods and many of the common challenges associated with the process.

Who Will Benefit: CFO/Finance Director, Budget Manager, Budget Analyst, Debt Manager, Department Director, Other

Learning Objectives:
  • Those who successfully complete this seminar should be able to:
  • Learn the essentials practices your community needs for long-range capital planning, capital project budgeting, regular asset maintenance and renewal
  • Identify key responsibilities of the finance office for facilitating an effective capital improvement planning process
  • Learn how to take a proactive approach to identifying capital needs
  • Learn how to communicate with operations staff 
  • Analyze approaches to selecting, timing, rating, and prioritizing capital projects
  • Estimate and analyze capital projects
  • Design a capital financing strategy
  • Prepare a capital budget document that is consistent with long-term capital improvement plans
  • Evaluate and monitor capital project expenditures

  • Member Price: $315.00
  • Non-member Price: $630.00