Learning Management System Web Browser FAQ

Why can't I use Internet Explorer to access GFOA's Learning Management System?

The Learning Management System takes advantage of modern developments in web design and standards that Internet Explorer (commonly shortened to "IE") does not support. GFOA did not exclude it by choice.

Internet Explorer has been deemed "end of life" by Microsoft. Microsoft ended technical support and security updates for the program in January of 2020. This means that Microsoft is no longer supporting or updating the program to combat threats online rendering it unsafe to use on the internet.

In addition to being out-of-date and insecure, Internet Explorer is also not standards compliant. Webpages display differently using Internet Explorer versus a standards compliant browser which often breaks functionality. This is one of the reasons why IE cannot be used to view GFOA's Learning Management System.

In 2019, Microsoft themselves published an article entitled "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser" which advocates transitioning from Internet Explorer to a different browser.

Am I currently using Internet Explorer?

You can check which browser you're using at https://www.whatismybrowser.com/

After the above website loads, the top bar will display which internet browser and operating system you're currently using.

What browser should I use instead?

Any number of up-to-date, standards compliant browsers are supported to access the GFOA LMS and will also give you a safer, faster, more secure experience across the entire internet.

Popular options include, but are not limited to:

Your IT department should be able to walk you through downloading and installing any of the above browsers.

After you've gotten your new browser installed, you can access GFOA's Learning Management System with these step-by-step instructions.