Leadership, Ethics, and Trust

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Model Employment Agreement9/18/2020Tool/Template
Interruptions:How to Tame One of the Worst Office Productivity KillersMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
Templates for Everyday Ethical ChallengesMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
Whiter Telework, Post Pandemic?Members only8/1/2020GFR Article
In Practice: San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement AssociationMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
The Speed of the AudienceMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
Interview with Antonio Brown, Detroit Public Library CFOMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
Employee Cross Training in Small Governments #1 What is it and why does it matter?7/27/2020Video Recording
Q&A with Susan CainMembers only6/1/2020GFR Article
Depression and the Finance OfficerMembers only4/24/2020GFR Article
Building Trust by Treating People FairlyMembers only10/1/2019GFR Article
Tips for Meaningful Workplace InteractionsMembers only10/1/2019GFR Article
Why Employee Engagement Matters for Government Financial ManagementMembers only8/19/2019GFR Article
Building Trust through Integrity and HonestyMembers only8/1/2019GFR Article
A Case for the Budget Office as Local Government Lead for Disaster Recovery: Lessons from NYC after Hurricane SandyMembers only8/1/2019GFR Article
Using Data Analysis for Better Decision MakingMembers only6/1/2019GFR Article
Financial Foundations for Thriving Communities (E-book)For purchase5/9/2019E-Book
Financial Foundations for Thriving CommunitiesFor purchase5/9/2019Publication
Helping Employees Speak UpMembers only5/1/2019GFR Article
Doing the Right Thing When It Is Hard: Living Your Ethics in Tough SituationsMembers only4/1/2019GFR Article