Student Chapter Constitution Guidelines

If your school requires a constitution, you may use the following guidelines.

Statement of Purpose

  • A general statement of the overall purpose of the student chapter
  • Outline the goals of the organization
  • Cooperation with school officials and GFOA

Name of Organization

  • State the title by which the chapter will be recognized


  • Qualifications for individual student chapter membership
  • Rights and responsibilities of each member including voting rights
  • Procedures to be followed in revoking membership privileges


  • Outline the cost of individual membership dues and other fees
  • Collection procedures
  • Consequences of delinquency
  • Procedures for spending funds

Chapter Officers

  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of each elected chapter officer
  • Election procedures and the process for removing an elected official from office
  • Chapter Officers––a president and (based on school requirements) a vice-president, secretary,
    or a treasurer

Faculty Advisor

  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of the faculty advisor
  • Establish length of term to be served
  • Procedures for selecting a new advisor
  • Define local GFOA mentor’s involvement

Chapter Administration

  • Determine regularly scheduled chapter meetings
  • Include pertinent information to ensure the efficient functioning of the student chapter


  • Establish procedures to make amendments to the Constitution/Bylaws