Creating a Student Chapter

The following information will help you through the process of forming a Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Student Chapter


In order for a group of students to qualify as a GFOA student chapter, a chapter application/agreement must be submitted with the following information.

  • A copy of the student chapter constitution and bylaws document
  • The names of the resident faculty advisor, chapter mentor, and student chapter president
  • Permanent e-mail address of the student chapter
  • Statement of purpose

Click here to view the application.

Role Structure

  • Chapter mentor who works in local government and is a GFOA member
  • Faculty advisor who oversees chapter progress
  • Student chapter president who is a student and able to organize meetings, events, tasks, etc. .
  • Any other roles required by your school including vice president, treasurer, etc.


  1. Create a meeting schedule with regular meetings throughout the year.
  2. Recruit other students to become involved in the chapter.
  3. Coordinate events, guest speakers, etc. throughout the year.
  4. Communicate issues or needs to GFOA.
  5. Submit annual summary of chapter activities and events to GFOA.

Each student chapter must remain active throughout the year, or face termination.