University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Established: February 2021

Chapter Purpose

"Our purpose is simple, because of our shared desire to better serve our communities, we aim to contribute to the professional development of current and aspiring public budget and finance professionals, and in doing so, provide an opportunity for students to foster continuous learning in the field of public budgeting and finance. Our strategic plan aims to recruit interested members of all backgrounds to create a diverse community of aspiring public finance professionals. We seek to complement our member’s existing skillsets with the development of sound budget and finance practices and knowledge. Through networking opportunities, we seek to provide members an opportunity to make an impression on hiring managers to further their careers. In executing our strategic plan, UNC Charlotte’s GFOA chapter will contribute to the professional development of technically sound leaders who seek to contribute their skills and knowledge to the development of their communities. By gaining admission to this association, the GFOA will directly help the development of Charlotte’s future public finance leaders."

Chapter Mentor

Michael Bryant

Chapter Advisor

Jim Douglass