Compensation and Benefits

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Pension Obligation Bonds: Yes or No?Members only6/1/2020GFR Article
Early Retirement Incentives Involve RisksMembers only12/1/2019GFR Article
Smart Practices for Self-Funded Employee Health InsuranceMembers only10/1/2018GFR Article
Pulling Back the Curtain: How Americans Use Health-Care Price InformationMembers only8/1/2018GFR Article
Retirement Security6/2/2015Policy Position
Pension Funding: A Guide for Elected Officials1/31/2013Issue Brief
Containing Health Care Costs1/31/2011Issue Brief
Governing Statutes for Post-Employment Benefit Trust Investments6/17/2008Policy Position
Direction of the Investment of State and Local Government Post-Employment Benefit Trust Funds6/17/2008Policy Position
Health Care Reform Policy5/9/2006Policy Position
Corporate Governance6/28/2005Policy Position
Health Care Cost Containment6/15/2004Policy Position
Proposed Social Security Reforms2/25/2000Policy Position
Mandatory Social Security Coverage for State and Local Government Employees2/3/1999Policy Position
Tax Treatment of Employee Contributions to Retirement Plans6/30/1998Policy Position
Federal Proposals to Unify Compensation Plans6/3/1997Policy Position
Pension Portability6/3/1997Policy Position
Permanent Extension of the Education Assistance Exclusion (Section 127)6/3/1997Policy Position
Federal Workplace Initiatives Eroding State and Local Government Authority5/21/1996Policy Position
Federal Regulation of Public Employee Retirement Systems6/23/1992Policy Position