Compensation and Benefits

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Point / Counterpoint: Early Retirement Incentives8/1/2020GFR Article
In Practice: San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement AssociationMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
Pension Obligation Bonds: Yes or No?Members only6/1/2020GFR Article
Queen Creek's Pension Problem: How One Town Changed the Pension Conversation in Arizona2/21/2020Research Report
Early Retirement Incentives Involve RisksMembers only12/1/2019GFR Article
Smart Practices for Self-Funded Employee Health InsuranceMembers only10/1/2018GFR Article
Investment Fee Guidelines for External Management of Defined Benefit Plans9/28/2018Best Practice
Pulling Back the Curtain: How Americans Use Health-Care Price InformationMembers only8/1/2018GFR Article
Investment Policies for Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings Plans9/30/2017Best Practice
Investment Policies for Defined Benefit Plans9/30/2017Best Practice
Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Design1/31/2017Best Practice
Educating Employees about the Adequacy of Retirement Benefits9/30/2016Best Practice
Hybrid Retirement Plan Design9/30/2016Best Practice
OPEB Governance and Administration9/30/2016Best Practice
Establishing and Administering an OPEB Trust9/30/2016Best Practice
Ensuring Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) Sustainability 1/22/2016Best Practice
Sustainable Funding Practices for Defined Benefit Pensions and Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB)1/22/2016Best Practice
Defined Contribution Plan Fiduciary Responsibility9/30/2015Best Practice
Retirement Security6/2/2015Policy Position
Controlling Health-Care Costs with Dependent Eligibility Audits6/1/2015GFR Article