Fiscal First Aid

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Cash Flow Forecasting ToolMembers only8/7/2020Tool/Template
Fiscal First Aid for School Districts: Additional Considerations for Schools Dealing with COVID-198/6/2020Research Report
Balancing the Budget in Bad Times8/1/2020GFR Article
How to Eliminate Paper and Save Time and MoneyMembers only8/1/2020GFR Article
How to Reduce Paper and Save Time and Money6/29/2020Video Recording
Leadership During Financial Distress6/19/2020Video Recording
When Recovery Fails: State Intervention and Local Government Bankruptcy6/19/2020Research Report
Using Economic Data and Trends to Better Understand the Economic Landscape6/17/2020Video Recording
Diagnosing the Financial Condition of Your Local Government6/16/2020Research Report
Personnel Budgeting in a Recession6/12/2020Video Recording
Fiscal First Aid for the Procurement Office6/3/2020Research Report
The City of Eugene's Finance Division: Work in a Time of PandemicMembers only6/1/2020GFR Article
GFR Audio: Cash is King6/1/2020Podcast
Working Remotely: A Guide for the Public SectorMembers only6/1/2020GFR Article
Cash is King6/1/2020GFR Article
How to Eliminate Paper and Save Time and Money5/20/2020Podcast
SEC Statement on COVID-19 Disclosure5/15/2020Video Recording
Balancing the Budget in Bad Times: Evaluating and Managing Risk in Cutback Budgeting5/14/2020Video Recording
Balancing the Budget in Bad Times - Part 25/13/2020Research Report
COVID-19 Forecasting for Finance Officers5/11/2020Video Recording