Strategies to Reclaim your Time by Preventing Rework

  1. Have clearly simple, written procedures (i.e., Standard Operating Procedures)
    a. Institute SOPs where there were none before
    b. Make sure your SOPs are easy to follow
  2. Use Visual Displays
    a. Improve layout of forms to provide more logical flow of information being asked for (including decluttering by asking for less info)
    b. Use “Wizards” in programs like Excel or Word to help you complete certain task when appropriate
  3. Utilize Visual Controls
    a. In Excel models, use conditional formatting to highlight out of parameter values
    b. Include “check cells”. Cells that will show a given value if other calculations are performed correctly.
    c. Use visual warnings for out of parameter values in the ERP system
  4. Mistake Proofing
    a. Utilize data validation rules for input cells in Excel where appropriate
    b. Lock cells that users should not change
    c. Have a mandatory input field where input field was optional before, but critical
    d. Use automated entry of fields to eliminate human intervention
  5. Have each Staff member identify a recurring defect that really annoys them.
    a. Then, conduct a simple root cause analysis (5 Whys).
    b. Does this suggest any mistake proofing strategies?