GFOA's Get Your Time Back Challenge

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time at work when you have limited time and a million things to do. Three of the largest perpetrators of wasted time are meetings, interruptions, and rework.

GFOA is starting a Get your Time Back Challenge (GYTBC) to help you reclaim your time from our three villains: meetings, interruptions, and rework.  So if you’d like to get back some of your time, step right up and take the Get Your Time Back Challenge.

How to Start the Get your Time Back Challenge (GYTBC)

GYTBC provides strategies to help you find opportunities to reclaim time from meetings, interruptions, and rework. To start, pick one the three main causes of wasted time below. You’ll then be taken to resources on how to reclaim time and with your colleagues to set shared goals to reclaim time together.  And, of course, we want to hear how you did and share with the GFOA membership!

Enter the Get Your Time Back Challenge