Meetings are necessary for collaboration and inclusive decision-making, however; research shows most meetings aren’t executed efficiently for two reasons: wasted individual-work time and wasted group-work time.

Knowing which type of time is being wasted in your organization opens up the possibility of managing meetings differently and getting more time back in your workday.

A GFOA poll asked members to identify their single most annoying source of wasted time at work. Meetings “won,” with a plurality (one-third) of respondents. GFOA members are not alone in their low regard for meetings. According to one study of senior managers from various industries: 65 percent said meetings keep them from completing their own work and 71 percent said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

Use the #TimeBackChallenge hashtag on social media to share the methods you use to improve workplace productivity.

How do I fix meetings?

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